I knew this trip was going to be special the moment my luggage hit the cobblestone pavement.

We arrived to our quaint apartment with a beautiful balcony, cozy kitchen area, and a funny looking washing machine. Our apartment had two rooms of 3 girls and 3 guys. I didn’t know how soon we’d all become friends! It’s as if we knew each other forever.

The second day I remember very well; It started with a meeting over coffee and pastries at a popular cafe…(waking up earlier was easy that first day because we were all eager to explore)!

We discussed the dining options, coaching and concert schedules, Italian classes, and lay of the land. Afterwards we strolled to the music building before having our first meeting with Dr. Hochmiller.

I am lucky to have had such an unforgettable and musical experience in Orvieto.
– Megan Ott (OM 2015)

The warm breeze and the Italian sun beaming through the open window of the practice room is something I will always remember. It made making music that much more special. The 5 of us singers then performed for each other…which was extremely nerve-racking at first! After laughing and chatting our way through the music we took a detour on the way back home to check out the town at dusk.

The nightlife is fun, Cafe del Corso had the BEST espresso (but do not order a cappuccino after 2 pm…), Il Malandrino’s pizza and negroni combination is one for the books, and learning the language is a challenge, but incredibly rewarding when you can have a small conversation with the locals.

I am lucky to have had such an unforgettable and musical experience in Orvieto. I wouldn’t be who I am today without this studying abroad on this trip!

– Megan Ott (OM Alumna 2015)