Riccardo Cambri

Riccardo Cambri, Guest Artist Intensive Voice 

Hailing from Orvieto, Riccardo Cambri embarked on his musical journey at an early age in his hometown, later continuing his studies in Perugia under the guidance of Maestro Riccardo Marini. At the esteemed State Conservatory “Francesco Morlacchi,” he soon made a name for himself as one of the most exceptional pianists. In October 1994, Cambri received the Diploma of Principle Pianist, earning full marks, highest honors, and an honorable mention for his outstanding performance of selected compositions.

Cambri’s pursuit of excellence then led him to the Hochschule of the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Here, he honed his skills further under the tutelage of maestros Boris Bloch and Alfons Kontarsky; with Kontarsky, he specifically mastered four-handed and piano duet repertoire. Cambri also delved deeper into solo piano techniques at the Accademia Ferenc Liszt in Budapest.nists such as Antonio Ballista, Elio Maestosi, Franco Scala, Leonid Margarius, and György Sándor.

In 1998, after three years studying with renowned concert pianist and instructor Sergio Perticaroli, Cambri obtained his Diploma Alto Perfezionamento Pianistico (Master of Piano Performance) at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia conservatory in Rome.

Eager to expand his knowledge, he attended numerous master classes conducted by eminent pianists such as Antonio Ballista, Elio Maestosi, Franco Scala, Leonid Margarius, and György Sándor. 

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Celebrated pianist Riccardo Cambri has won numerous national and international competitions, paving the way for an illustrious career as a soloist. He has captivated audiences globally in cities such as Rome, Milan, Buenos Aires, London, Vienna, and many more. In addition to his solo performances, Cambri has collaborated with orchestras like the Symphony Orchestra of Moscow and explored chamber music and musical theater alongside esteemed musicians, opera singers, and actors. His prowess as a pianist accompanist is also highly regarded, with partnerships in prestigious Opera Singers Laboratories, Instrumental and Master Classes, and associations with universities worldwide.

Since 2001, Cambri has shared his expertise by teaching piano at the Scuola Comunale di Musica “Adriano Casasole” in Orvieto and conducting music appreciation courses in various educational institutions. In 2014, he became the President of UNITRE – Università delle Tre Età di Orvieto, a significant social-cultural organization known for its high-quality educational programs and profound impact on the city life in Orvieto. Under his leadership at UNITRE, Cambri created two triennial projects consisting of 30 conferences each—one focused on Beethoven’s symphonic works and another titled “The Fascination of Chopin,” which received patronage from the Polish Embassy in Italy. Furthermore, his artistic-culture program on Dostoevsky-Tchaikovsky-Rachmaninov garnered support from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France.

In recognition of his incredible achievements and dedication to culture and education, Cambri was awarded a Public Distinction of Merit by Università Popolare della Tuscia in 2017. On December 27th, 2020, Italian President Sergio Mattarella honored Cambri with the Knights of the Order “Merit of the Italian Republic.” In 2021, the Orvieto City Hall appointed him as the Artistic Coordinator for the Centennial celebration of composer and conductor Luigi Mancinelli’s death.