I studied voice performance in graduate school and I attended Orvieto Musica in between my first and second year. I was looking for a program in Italy where I could sing and practice speaking Italian; Orvieto Musica was much more. While my university education focused on opera, OM gave me the opportunity to delve into vocal chamber music repertoire in depth with daily coachings on diction, interpretation, and ensemble. After attending OM, I decided to add a music history component to my voice performance degree, and I wrote my master’s thesis on a Baroque vocal collection for voices, violins, and continuo.

OM gave me the opportunity to delve into vocal chamber music repertoire.
– Sarah Smith (OM 2013)

OM fostered a mutually supportive community of instrumentalists, singers, and faculty. The intimate size of the program meant that I had ample one-on-one time with faculty Dr. Susan Hochmiller and Nyela Basney, who both encouraged my repertoire selections. The faculty also offered illuminating insights into the professional worlds of academia and performance.

The town of Orvieto was safe and peaceful. The locals were eager to let us practice our Italian and enjoy their delicious cuisine. The exchange of our musical talents for their hospitality felt natural. After OM, I traveled Italy for two weeks, stopping in Florence, Cinque Terre, Viareggio, and Rome. Italian class at OM gave me a great basis in vocabulary to communicate while I traveled solo.

My experience at OM was a perfect blend of music, culture, and self-discovery. It was unforgettable.

– Sarah Smith, (OM Alumna 2013)