Intensive Strings Application

If you are interested in participating in Orvieto Musica, please complete our online application below. Also be sure to read our Audition Guidelines. Applications will be considered beginning September 15 and proceed until all positions are filled.


Audition Guidelines

Instrumental Repertoire

  • Audition repertoire for strings should include a movement of solo Bach and a contrasting piece
  • Audition repertoire for pianists should include a solo piece and a movement of chamber music

Vocal Repertoire

  • Singers should offer 3 selections from the art song repertoire in 3 languages, including English

Recorded Auditions

  • Applicants may submit up to three MP3s, YouTube clips or other digital media as attachments to their application
  • Repertoire should reflect above guidelines

After your application has been approved, you will need to complete the following steps, which are required for festival attendance.

$1,000 Deposit Payment (Early Bird due January 19th or Regular Deposit Due February 15th)

Payments may be made via PayPal using the form below. If you prefer not to pay online, you may mail your payment to:

Orvieto Musica, Inc.
144 Frankford Ct,
Lubbock, TX 79416

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Cancellation Policy Form (due April 19)


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Health Insurance Form (due April 19)

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Alcoholic Beverages Policy Form (due April 19)

In Italy, alcoholic beverages are a part of the culture. The government enforces no minimum age for drinking alcohol, and alcoholic beverages are available in all eating establishments.

Orvieto is a small, quiet town (with a population of 5,000). The restaurants that Orvieto Musica patronize are family-run businesses and cafeterias.

It is the policy of Orvieto Musica not to encourage what would be considered “underage” drinking in the United States. However, Orvieto Musica does not attempt to enforce United States alcoholic beverage laws in Italy. When Orvieto Musica participants share meals with Orvieto Musica staff and faculty, wine and beer will be available at the table (along with water and soft drinks).

Orvieto Musica expects participants under the age of 21 to follow their own personal and family values in their decision regarding drinking alcoholic beverages during the festival in Italy.

Orvieto Musica reserves the right, however, to deny continued participation in the festival to any participant, regardless of age, who, in the opinion of Orvieto Musica staff:

1) drinks such that they are a danger to themselves or to others;

2) drinks such that they are unable to attend and participate fully and professionally in all rehearsals, performances and activities of the festival.

All participants, regardless of age, must submit the form below. If you are under 21, your parent or guardian must submit the form as well.

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Final Payment (due April 19)

Payments may be made via PayPal using the form below. If you prefer not to pay online, you may mail your payment to:

Orvieto Musica, Inc.
144 Frankford Ct,
Lubbock, TX 79416

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Arrival Information Form (due May 15)

1)  If you would like to be picked up at the Fiumicino airport in Rome by Orvieto Musica personnel, you must arrive prior to the van / bus departure at 2:30 p.m.

2) If you are arriving in Orvieto on your own, please note that Orvieto Musica does not provide accommodations in Orvieto prior to the festival.

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Final Confirmation Form (due May 15)

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