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Martina Sciucchino

An adept administrator and musician in her own right.

Martina received her DAMS (Disciplines of art, music and entertainment) from the University of Bologna, Italy.

She performs and teaches art, music, theater education, and literature for children and teenagers.

For two decades Martina has been a frequent guest on stages and in Italian festivals as a vernacular artist specializing in folk and world music as a vocalist and pushing boundaries as an ‘experimental’ singer.  

Her current projects include performing with the Arturo Annecchino and Symphonia Band, and the Banda del Comitato.

Since 2013 she has been collaborating in the organization of the Orvieto Musica festival, promoting and supporting Orvieto Musica’s annual festival and facilitating the relationship with the city of Orvieto, Italy.


Kim Walker, Artistic/Executive Director