“What I remember most are the beautiful location, the enchanting performance spaces, the camaraderie amongst participants and residents, AND the delicious food!”
— 2013 Art of Song Participant

“What an amazing opportunity it was to spend three weeks surrounded by inspiring coaches and colleagues!  In the short amount of time… I grew as a musician and enhanced my relationship with my quartet members.  Truly the experience of a lifetime!”
— 2013 String Quartet Participant

“… interacting with townspeople, including restaurant and shop owners who put up with and encourage our attempts at speaking Italian; performing in breathtaking venues; partaking in delightful and delicious cuisine at a pace rarely experienced in the U.S. — wonderful!”
— 2013 TrumpetFest Professor

memories-3“Above all, the interaction between participants, the residents of the town, and the discerning type of tourist who comes to a place like Orvieto, makes for an unbelievably potent emotional mix. I was sure from the outset that the musicians would love Orvieto, but what I remember most clearly was the discovery, early on, of how much Orvieto loved them back.”
— Guest Lecturer

“… the one-on-one attention, the careful selection of repertoire, and the opportunity to really integrate into and perform in the lovely town for three weeks are unique.”
— 2010 Intensive Strings Participant

memories-5“We had an amazing time in Orvieto… Elinor really enlightened us about different ways to approach music… We heard so many wonderful things after [our recent] recital about how much more unified as a group we were and I know [it] was due to our experiences [in Orvieto].”
— 2009 String Quartet Participants

“Over the years, as a professional violinist, I’ve attended numerous music festivals and enjoyed them.  But for my money, only Orvieto Musica strikes the perfect balance between inspiring music-making with coaches and participants alike, a challenging schedule of performances and classes, and plenty of free time to explore and enjoy Italy!!”
— 2009 Violinist

memories-2“Orvieto Musica was a wonderful experience for me as a singer… my days were full of some of the most productive music-making I have experienced and I cannot say how invaluable performing so many concerts in such a small amount of time was to learning about the professional world of singing.”
— 2009 Art of Song Participant

“… a truly magical experience for me as a singer … invaluable was the immersion in the Italian culture which helped my Italian language immensely …”
— OM 2008 Singer

“My time in Orvieto was the most amazing musical experience of my life … The Orvieto Musica faculty are world-class teachers and performers …”
— OM 2008 Trumpeter

memories-8“The experiance that I had in Orvieto … was absolutely amazing. The town was perfect, and I will always remember the people I met this summer. All of them were such great musicians and I learned a lot from them …”
— 2008 String Participant

“… such an amazing opportunity … the adventure of being able to perform in amazing venues such as medieval piazzas and beautiful churches is truly one of a kind …”
— OM 2008 Trumpeter

“I met two other musicians at the festival, and together we have formed a trio which continues to perform regularly five years later, and with whom I have the strongest musical bond.”
— 2007 Intensive Strings Participant

memories-6“The musicians were all top-notch, making it a lot of fun to play.”
— OM 2000 Bassoonist

“I would encourage any serious musician to attend.”
— OM 2000 Violinist

“It was fabulous, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
— OM 1999 Trumpeter

“Orvieto Musica is a very enjoyable program of first rate players in a charming medieval town, set in a country of stunning beauty.”
— OM 1997 Violinist

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