Electives and Master Classes

Italian Language and Culture Classes

Orvieto Musica musicians are encouraged to immerse themselves in the Italian culture! This means not only enjoying the warm Italian sun, the wonderful views of Umbria, the pleasures of Orvieto Classico wine, and the great Italian cuisine — but also trying your hand at speaking Italian! (Although many merchants in Orvieto are happy to communicate with Orvieto Musica musicians in English, they also are very patient and pleased when OM musicians attempt to speak Italian.)

Participants of Orvieto Musica are offered optional “survival” Italian classes given by members of the Orvieto Musica staff throughout the festival. These classes focus on Italian phrases which participants can use as they shop in Italy and as they interact with the friendly residents of Orvieto. Participants also have the option of joining “Italian tables” at lunchtime where they can practice Italian with their colleagues and with Orvieto Musica staff.

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In addition, Orvieto Musica participants have the opportunity to arrange for individual tutoring in Italian at an additional cost. Anyone interested in intensive language study or individual tutoring is encouraged to inquire about this option.

Advanced Italian Classes

The Intensive Voice participants attend one-hour advanced Italian classes each weekday of the festival (14 classes in all), taught by Orvietana Italian professor Olga della Casa. Classes focus on correct diction, remote past tense (found in song literature), subjunctive tense, adjective and adverb agreement and advanced conversational Italian.

Daily Italian classes for Intensive Voice assume that singers will have completed at least one semester of Italian language instruction prior to coming to Orvieto. (Detailed information as to Italian language requirements is available and will be provided upon receipt of your application.) Singers who wish to “brush up” on Italian language skills may want to peruse the following website:

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Master Classes and Coachings

All Orvieto Musica master classes, orchestra rehearsals and ensemble coachings are open to all Orvieto Musica participants. Enjoy expanding your repertoire outside of your instrument’s classification, and sit in on colleagues’ rehearsals and coachings to offer support.

Setting the Stage for Greatness & Peak Performance

A workshop on how to best prepare for auditions, recordings, performances including Quantum Sound Therapy, how to reach gamma waves, use breath work and a variety of techniques to consistently achieve peak performance potential, a winning mindset and wellness will be offered by Professor Kim Walker.