Orvieto Musica 2021 and COVID-19

COVID Information

While the world’s population continues to navigate these unprecedented times, we are making plans for a festival in 2021. We are hopeful and optimistic about sharing music with our Orvietani friends, and we are also cautious. Our fundamental concerns remain the health, safety and well-being of our participants, faculty and staff. We continue to watch recommendations from the US State Department, the CDC, the WHO, and other local agencies. We will post up-to-date information below about our COVID contingencies.

QUICK UPDATE (May 6, 2021)

Italy announced today that it’s Green Pass (see below) which will go into effect on May 16, will include Americans and Israelis (based on our vaccination program success.)  Essentially, the decree states that the requirement to quarantine upon entering Italy this summer will no longer be in effect for Americans or Israelis who have been fully vaccinated with Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

 UPDATE (May 4, 2021)

Italy announced today that it will have a “Green Pass” ready in mid-May that will allow fully vaccinated European Union citizens to travel to Italy as tourists, without quarantining.  It is good to hear that Italy is acting independently to open its borders.  (The EU will have a pass available, beginning in mid-June, that will cover all 27 countries in the EU.)

However, Italy made no mention in its announcement today about when/if it will open its borders to American tourists before mid-June. 

Last week, The New York Times reported that the President of the European Union Commission recommends that fully vaccinated American citizens be given permission to travel to any EU country this summer without needing to quarantine, stating that the EU believes that the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines protect effectively from known virus variants.  This was wonderful news, of course, but we are awaiting details as to Americans being given permission to travel in the EU this summer. 

(The U.S. State Department still has a “Do Not Travel to Italy” advisory on its website, though, and are are hoping that this will be updated to reflect the EU Commission’s announcement.  The “Do Not Travel to Italy” advisory is not a prohibition, but, rather, a warning.)

Once we hear more about Italy’s plans vis-a-vis American citizens entering Italy this summer we will update the remainder of the details on this page.

All but six provinces in Italy moved from “orange” to “yellow” in terms of COVID-19 restrictions on April 26.  The transmission rate in Orvieto is around .8% and the positivity rate under 3%.  We hear from our friends in Orvieto that they are able to travel to any region in Italy that is a “yellow” zone on public transportation and have seen them post pictures of them eating out with friends on social media.

Given the above encouraging news, we are optimistic that we will be able to travel to Orvieto this summer.  Faculty will be reaching out with preliminary repertoire plans and with more detail about Art of Song, Intensive Strings and TrumpetFest.

We expect to be able to limit the time our participants and faculty will need to spend at the Rome airport to an hour or less (as they await their luggage.)  We will then transport everyone directly to Orvieto on OM-provided transportation.

We are continuing to receive applications and expressions of interest in attending OM 2021 and still have some openings.

We do know that some OM 2021 participants are already arranging for their air travel for this summer.  We strongly urge anyone who is purchasing airfare to purchase “travel insurance” and/or to be sure that they will be able to receive a full refund of any monies spent should they need to cancel their travel plans.  We will also be providing ground transportation from Fiumicino which will keep traveler time spent in the airport to a minimum.

We are also providing more detailed information about practical questions (housing, meals, rehearsals, etc.) via weekly emails to participants.