Orvieto Musica 2021 and COVID-19

COVID Information

While the world’s population continues to navigate these unprecedented times, we are making plans for a festival in 2021. We are hopeful and optimistic about sharing music with our Orvietani friends, and we are also cautious. Our fundamental concerns remain the health, safety and well-being of our participants, faculty and staff. We continue to watch recommendations from the US State Department, the CDC, the WHO, and other local agencies. We will post up-to-date information below about our COVID contingencies.

International COVID-19 update (October 28, 2021):  We are in touch with our friends in Orvieto and know that Italy is experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 at this time.  The city of Orvieto, however, is almost virus free and we are happy to know this.  We will, of course, be continuing to monitor the situation both in Orvieto and in Italy.

United States COVID-19 update (October 28, 2021):  Although we know that the U.S. is also experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 this Fall, we continue to plan for the possibility that we will be able to safely travel to Italy in June, 2021.  We are reaching out now to musicians that may be interested in attending Orvieto Musica 2021 and talking with Orvieto merchants about safety measures we can take.

Travel to Italy:  As of Oct. 4, the European Union ban on travel to Italy by American citizens remains in place.  We are hopeful that it will be lifted early in 2021.  If the travel ban is lifted, we are considering offering a group travel option so that participants who wish to can fly to Rome as a group on one flight.  More information on this will be made available as we have it.  We will also be providing ground transportation from Fiumicino which will keep traveler time spent in the airport to a minimum.

Performances and rehearsals:  We are planning for some rehearsals to be held outdoors in Orvieto and others to be indoors with social distancing and windows open.  Some performances will also be held outdoors and others in large performance spaces such as the Teatro Mancinelli.

Housing:  We will offer the option of single rooms (for an extra fee) or rooms in apartments.

Meals:  Meal vouchers will be provided for restaurants where seating can be accommodated outdoors.