Orvieto Musica 2021 and COVID-19

COVID Information

While the world’s population continues to navigate these unprecedented times, we are making plans for a festival in 2021. We are hopeful and optimistic about sharing music with our Orvietani friends, and we are also cautious. Our fundamental concerns remain the health, safety and well-being of our participants, faculty and staff. We continue to watch recommendations from the US State Department, the CDC, the WHO, and other local agencies. We will post up-to-date information below about our COVID contingencies.

 UPDATE (May 28, 2021)

Italy has taken the step to allow Americans to travel to Italy without quarantining as long as they enter the country on COVID-tested/free flights.  It is welcome news that Italy has taken this step.  Given this opportunity, along with the fact that COVID-19 transmission rates in Italy remain below 1%, we are happy to announce that we will hold Orvieto Musica 2021 in Orvieto this summer.

We are tracking news of the appearance and spread of new variants of COVID-19, particularly the variant most prevalent in India, but understand that scientists believe that Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations (among other vaccinations in use globally) are effective against COVID variants.


The U.S. State Department still has a “Do Not Travel to Italy” advisory on its website, though, and are are hoping that this will be updated to reflect the current COVID-19 reality in Italy as it relates to rates of positivity and transmission rate  The “Do Not Travel to Italy” advisory is not a prohibition, however, but rather, a warning.

U.S. citizens are permitted to reenter the United States from Italy with proof of a prior negative COVID-19 test.


AD/ED of Orvieto Musica, Inc., Nyela Basney, traveled to Italy on May 8 (returning on May 14) on a COVID-tested flight (to avoid the need to quarantine).  During her 4 days in Orvieto, she met with the Mayor, members of the city government, merchant partners and friends of OM for many and detailed conversations, resulting in firm plans for the 2021 Orvieto Musica festival to be in Orvieto this summer.  She observed that both Rome and Orvieto are well organized with COVID-19 safety protocols, that the Italian citizenry are complying with safety procedures and standards and that the country, in general, seems ready and eager to welcome international travelers

The Italian government has also recently launched an intensive vaccination campaign that is quickly raising the percentage of vaccinated Italian citizens.


We expect to be able to limit the time our participants and faculty will need to spend at the Rome airport to an hour or less (as they await their luggage.)  We will then transport everyone directly to Orvieto on OM-provided transportation.

We are continuing to receive applications and expressions of interest in attending OM 2021 and still have 3-4 openings.