Orvieto Musica 2022 and COVID-19

COVID Information

UPDATE (November 26, 2021)

While the world’s population continues to navigate these unprecedented times, we are hopeful and optimistic about sharing music during the summer of  2022 with our Orvietani friends.  Although we are aware that a new worrisome COVID variant has been identified in South Africa, Orvieto (and Umbria, in general) and Italy, are still relatively safe.  (The New York Times noted in an article this morning that Italy has “stayed ahead of the wave” for the past year and that 87% of adults in Italy have now had at least one vaccination shot.) 

We understand that, currently, the European countries who are seeing the more serious new wave of positive COVID cases are France, Germany, Austria and several Eastern European countries.

We will continue to monitor the situation, however, and post regular updates here.


We celebrate the fact that we were able to hold Orvieto Musica 2021 “on the ground” in Orvieto, Italy this past summer!  It seemed almost like a miracle that we could be there and present live performances — a miracle of planning, science and fortunate timing.  Our first concert, on June 26th, was the first public event in Orvieto since March of 2020.  We were moved to have had this opportunity to share our music with our audience of friends and European tourists alike, and moved by their warm and emotional welcome.  This is truly what Orvieto Musica aspires to and what motivates us — being able to present chamber music in intimate settings in a town that is our home for three weeks, and for audiences who are friends and new acquaintances that value and enjoy classical music. 

At the moment we are confident in and planning for our optimum festival in 2022 that will comprise Art of Song (8 singers), Intensive Strings (8 string players), 2 Collaborative Pianists and TrumpetFest (15-20 trumpeters) plus faculty, guest faculty and staff.  Applications for participation are now being considered. 

We look forward to hearing from you!