“Blatantly Early Attempt To Offer A Deep Feeling of Reward And Chance At Unequaled Self Esteem”
That is a very long acronym

They said, (whoever they are), that it would be a cold day in hell before we could raise 100 pledges of $25.00 before Giving Tuesday. So we’re hoping for a very cold Monday.

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As you may or may not know Giving Tuesday is just around the corner (November 28, 2017). Whether you are familiar with Giving Tuesday or not, I am here to help lay out the facts, pitfalls, and traps that many fall into. I will also offer incredible solutions to those problems.

Fact #1 – Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is obviously a ploy to take advantage of your post Thanksgiving traditions/weaknesses with the intent of continuing to separate you from your disposable income. Many people are still in somewhat of a stupor from candied yams and pumpkin pie and are actually unaware that they have spent so much because let’s face it “I got it at a really good price”.

Solution: We are offering the chance to be clear headed in your giving with a set amount that will not empty your purse or wallet for what is coming down the pipeline at you like a runaway train.

Fact #2 – Most people really do wish to give to a not-for-profit organization they can relate to.

Despite the always fluctuating currents of uncertainty, doom-and-gloom, glimmer of hope for the future, and other varied opinions flooding our social and print media these days; most people at the end of the day realize that their lives are, in fact, better off than some others are, and they truly wish to help.

Solution: Your love of music, Italy, education, or just the memory of a good time can be celebrated in a concrete manner. In these times of inflating airfares, worsening exchange rates, and rising expenses, your gift helps to ensure the continuation of a project that has given joy, guidance, training, and cultural awareness to hundreds of people over the course of the last 24 years. BE A TOAD, and donate to Orvieto Musica.

Fact #3 Though only in it’s 6th year, Giving Tuesday is incredibly successful.

In 2015 over $177,000,000.00 was raised on Giving Tuesday, with an average median gift of just over $107. This took place over 98 different countries. That is fantastic and very impressive for one year, let alone one day. Many people use the end of the calendar year to “do their giving thing” for that particular year. It comes at a time when many are around family, celebrating things to be thankful for, and maybe, just maybe, feeling a tad bit guilty about the amount of money spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (often including a gift or two for oneself). This guilt comes with remorse. This remorse leads to trying to “buy a good feeling.” This buying of a good feeling usually doesn’t leave you feeling quite as good as hoped for.

Solution: We offer the chance to give at an amount that will be incredibly beneficial and give you the opportunity to give before you are consumed with “spending guilt”. Therefore, the good feeling would be honest, heartfelt, and can be carried with you throughout the spending season.

Fact #4 – Giving to a not-for-profit organization does create an overwhelming feeling of good.

Knowing you are giving to help others create something tangible provides more than just a cuddly, warm, what-a-good-person-I-am feeling. It often leads to an overwhelming feeling of good that can actually be somewhat disconcerting. The realization that you cannot do this on a regular basis (which is why you use the end of the year for giving); or perhaps you give only for tax purposes only and are caught off guard by the feeling of good.

Solution: Again, we offer you the chance to just dip your toe in the water. We know that our request is probably not the only request you would like to take part in. Save your bigger gifts for Giving Tuesday—use our “warm, fuzzy, feeling of goodness” to prepare yourself for that larger jolt that will come in a couple of weeks time on November 28. BE A TOAD FOR our CAUSE, and donate today!

Fact #5 – It is very simple to just say I don’t have anything to give.

Trust me, we get that. As a small not-for-profit organization that gets 85% of its operating budget from participants, we are used to working on shoestrings. We would just like to get some new shoestrings.

Solution: Don’t think of it as $25.00, think of it as less than a weeks worth of lattes at Starbucks. I love coffee, but I would take the natural warm feeling over the caffeine for one week a year. And really, it only takes a TOAD to refrain from buying a few days worth of Starbucks.


They said that it would be a cold day in hell before we could raise 100 pledges of $25.00 before Giving Tuesday. So, BE A TOAD… and consider proving them wrong. Check for our progress towards our goal!

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Michael Hendrix
Orvieto Musica, Inc. Board President