Audition Guidelines

Live Auditions

  • Applicants will be notified of audition locations and times upon receipt of their applications
  • Auditions will be 10-15 minutes in length and will include a short interview
  • All instrumental auditions will include sight-reading
  • For vocalists, a pianist will be provided for a fee of $15

Instrumental Repertoire

  • Audition repertoire for strings should include a movement of solo Bach and a contrasting piece
  • Audition repertoire for pianists should include a solo piece and a movement of chamber music

Vocal Repertoire

  • Singers should offer 4-5 selections from the art song repertoire in at least 3 languages, including Italian

Recorded Auditions

  • Applicants may submit YouTube clips, MP3s or CDs only at the discretion of the Director of OM
  • Repertoire should reflect above guidelines
  • CDs will not be returned