2024 Season


Celebrating 31 Years of Musical Excellence in Orvieto



We warmly thank our loyal audiences, donors, partners and sponsors for their enduring interest in supporting Orvieto Musica’s festival. Your generous contributions are critical in providing OM participants with exceptional masterclasses leading to a superb series of intimate concerts in the heart of Umbria, and the timeless embrace of Orvieto.

Orvieto Musica is a destination of choice for chamber music, a summer retreat where prodigious talents converge to sculpt, share, and soar beyond the ordinary rhythm of concert life.

Our alumni, shaped by Orvieto Musica’s unique experience, grace the world’s stages, their success a testament to the expertise, artistry and generosity of our faculty.

Today, I invite you to become part of this enchanting legacy. Join us in the revelry of pure sound, where every note echoes the generosity of spirit that sustains us. Your presence not only enlivens our stages but ignites the dreams of the next generation of exceptional artists.

Come for the music, stay for the magic. Support Orvieto Musica today, and let’s continue to experience, discover, create and perform together.

Distinti Saluti,



Kim Walker
Artistic and Executive Director
Orvieto Musica, Inc.