Silver Anniversary Week 2018

Prosciutto, Prosecco and Puccini!

June 16-24, 2018
in Orvieto, Italy


  • 4-day and 8-day visits
  • 4-star hotel, economy, shared apartment, or pensione room accommodations
  • Free days to travel to Florence or Rome
  • Concerts, open rehearsals, meet-the-artist receptions, museum tours and more

Join us as we celebrate 25 years of musicmaking in the beautiful city of Orvieto!

In your free time, take the opportunity to tour Orvieto Underground (picture to the left), the Museo Claudio Faina (exhibiting local Etruscan artifacts), the Museo Archeologico, the Torre del Moro, and other tourist attractions in town.

Take a day off and make the short 2-hour trip to visit Florence or Rome.

Stop by ongoing rehearsals and coachings and attend dress rehearsals for a behind-the-scenes look at faculty and participants as they prepare their performances.

Eat at local restaurants that serve homemade Umbrian cuisine.  Join faculty and Board members for meals, or strike out on your own.

The historic Teatro Mancinelli (at right), site of our first Silver Anniversary concert, was built in 1866 to honor local son and noted composer and conductor.Luigi Mancinelli.

Orvieto Musica will present a Prism Concert, with musicians and singers performing “surround sound” from every corner of the hall.

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Board Members: Timm Adams, Laura Friesen, Michael Hendrix, Stephanie Quinn, Sarah Simmons, Alexandra Sulack

Founding Directors: Nyela Basney, Douglas Hedwig, Alessandra Visconti, Angela Yeung